25 Oct 2018


Finding a career in law enforcement can be a daunting and competitive task, and the best way to make connections in a department is to seek out these opportunities.  Both the New Jersey Department of Criminal Justice and the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office offer legal internships to undergraduates and law students.  These are geared towards students that are interested in the legal proceedings and investigations that go into a criminal case.  If an applicant is interested in the intelligence, cyber security, or administrative fields, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security additionally offers internships in these areas.

Internship applications for these opportunities are due October 31st for the Spring Session (January-May).  The New Jersey State Police additionally offers internships for those that are interested in law enforcement at the state level.  The deadline for this internship for the Spring Session is November 24th.  Finally, the Newark Police Department does not offer official internship opportunities like those previously mentioned, but they are consistently looking to hire part-time workers and interns, and the best way to do this is to get in touch with the department directly.

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