15 Nov 2021

What’s Happening in the Land of Pippi Longstocking? Gangs, Bombs, and Transatlantic Police-to-Police Cooperation

New Brunswick, N.J. (November 15, 2021)— New Publication in Police Chief Magazine by Colonel Rick Fuentes and Amir Rostami on the sudden uptick in gang violence and the use of explosives in Sweden. Col. Fuentes and Amir Rostami highlight the importance of fostering transatlantic relationships among law enforcement agencies to address this issue plaguing one of the safest countries in the world. 

To read more about Col. Rick Fuentes and Amir Rostami’s work, click here:

November-2021-Police Chief Magazine Article


Rick Fuentes, PhD, Colonel (Ret.), New Jersey State Police, Senior Policy Advisor, Rutgers University Center on Policing and Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience

Amir Rostami, PhD, Visiting Fellow, Rutgers University Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience



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