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Kathryn’s Ph.D. research focused on improving law enforcement response capacity to emotionally or mentally disturbed individuals. She has also done extensive research on the violent extremism and targeted violence for her Masters thesis. During her graduate studies, Kathryn was awarded a Homeland Security Fellowship from Rutgers University and worked at the Center on Policing and Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) in Newark, NJ. At the RTCC she worked closely with the RTCC Director and was exposed to pilot projects on crime gun tracking software, social media analysis tools, facial recognition software, as well as crime reduction strategies to assist and support vulnerable populations in the Newark, NJ community and beyond. She has also attended seminars on cyber security, gang violence and gun crime reduction, targeted violence conferences, as well as behavioral threat assessment training seminars focusing on the reduction of violence in schools.

Kathryn has also participated in international initiatives: she travelled to Brussels with the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience and Center on Policing in Brussels, to work on resiliency building initiatives after the terrorist attacks in 2016. In Sweden, she participated in an initiative in Stockholm and Umea focused on crime reduction strategies and engaging best practices on public private partnership development.

Kathryn has also co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles, and works closely with Research Project Manager, Dr. Rosalyn Bocker Parks.