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Linda Tartaglia serves as the Director of the Center on Policing.

She has extensive experience in the development, implementation, review and analysis of law enforcement and criminal justice policies and practices on the federal, state and local level. She currently serves as the Director of the Center on Policing where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the Institute in fulfilling the mission of integrating research and police operations, problem solving and community policing.

Formerly, as the Community Justice Coordinator for the New Jersey Attorney General, Ms. Tartaglia was responsible for building trust and confidence between law enforcement and the community by coordinating the state’s violent crime and urban initiatives, and working to integrate the efforts of police, prosecutors, and the community. These programs were a collaborative problem-solving process for addressing violent crime and its community-wide effects in New Jersey’s cities.

As a senior policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Policy Development, Ms. Tartaglia was instrumental in the design and development of the federal Weed and Seed Initiative, an early attempt to build closer ties between law enforcement and the community.

Ms. Tartaglia started her law enforcement career as a state investigator for the NJ Division of Criminal Justice, Program Integrity Section where she investigated fraud, waste and abuse.  In 2007, she was appointed a Special Investigator to the NJ State Commission of Investigations, coordinating their Organized Crime and Racketeering Projects. In both of these capacities she conducted complex and confidential investigations, which required managing the flow of information and intelligence, gathering evidence and conducting interviews, as well as identifying internal control deficiencies. These investigations were followed by a report with legislative and policy recommendations and public hearings.

She was appointed Assistant Director of the Narcotics Task Force where she managed the State’s drug and alcohol program on behalf of the NJ Governor and the Attorney General, and she served as the spokesperson for the Governor’s Cabinet-Level Working Group on Substance Abuse.