“I really enjoyed my time interning with the COP. I got to attend some really interesting webinars- my favorite being a DHS meeting about preventing violence against faith-based organizations. I really learned a lot about law enforcement in our country and what direction we are headed in. There is so much work being done that the everyday person does not hear about and this internship really exposed me to how much effort is being put into refining and improving the quality of law enforcement in the US.”

Michael Cross


“The COP provided me with a great internship experience. There are necessary skills you need to build a resume and be successful in a law enforcement career. Working at the COP I learned key leadership skills while being a part of their projects. I also gained a better sense of what I was capable of. My supervisors were very supportive and were there to guide me along the way during my time there. Internships are a valuable source of knowledge for furthering your career. The COP’s goal for their interns is to keep them engaged and learning.”

Braedan Fitzgerald


“Having been with COP for a little over a year, I’ve been able to see how their internship program has grown virtually and into a developing hybrid model to fit the needs of students throughout the pandemic. Despite completing most work virtually and through conference calls or Zoom meetings, I’ve found that COP has continuously provided me with opportunities for growth in leadership and knowledge based on the effort I am putting into the internship. There is never a shortage of webinars or chances to learn about the different facets of policing, especially regarding the reforms taking place as we turn towards a better future.

Throughout my time with COP, my favorite assignment/activity thus far has been our tour of the ROIC. Having spent an entire year working virtually, it was amazing to see how my findings and learnings are applicable in real-world situations. The tour provided me with incredible insight, and it was eye-opening to hear from some of the individuals that worked there about what they do, as well as how they’ve been impacted over the years as they work different cases and with different individuals.”

Arielle Yu

FALL & SPRING ’20-’21 and FALL ’21 INTERN

“Being able to work for the Center on Policing the spring semester of my senior year was a truly rewarding experience for a few reasons.  First, the hybrid model of the internship allowed me to balance my busy school schedule and working, this was something I really benefited from. Secondly, and probably most importantly, were the people at the Center on Policing that elevated an ordinary internship into something more- these individuals are Dr. Rosalyn Parks, Dr. Kathryn Duffy, and (Ret.) Colonel Rick Fuentes of NJSP. Of the vast team at COP, these individuals made me enjoy the work I was doing- helping me realize that the work I did in the office or at home, actually was having real world- community level benefit.

Lastly, the work you do though at times may seem tedious, but it is not! The work you do from watching informational webinars – to writing briefs, it all has a purpose! I gained a lot of valuable and marketable skills during my 4 months at the Center on Policing and I would recommend the internship to anyone and everyone!”

Sebastian Vallejo


“My time with COP has profoundly defined what I have learned within the classroom. To learn a skill in the classroom is one thing, but to apply it to real-life situations is another. While lessons in the classroom may oftentimes be boring, COP has truly made me appreciate what is taught during my courses. For me, being able to correlate what I have learned in my courses to my internships/ job experiences (and vise versa) is a rewarding one. 

Dr. Rosalyn Parks, Dr. Kathryn Duffy, and (Ret.) Colonel Rick Fuentes have all played a major role in making my experience with COP unforgettable. From all the informational webinars to relevant feedbacks to our trip to the ROIC, these individuals have made me a better student and individual within a working environment. They are understanding and highly knowledgeable individuals who influence me to keep striving for big goals. As COP’s internship opportunities come with many eye-opening information and experiences, I encourage students to see for themselves!”

Ruri Kim