“During my internship at COP, I saw the application of academic research to solve real-life problems in law enforcement. From attending law enforcement executive meetings, to helping build a database for a federal consent decree, to observing legislative sessions that govern the adoption of new technology, I witnessed scientific and data-based approaches to improve public safety. Furthermore, I made invaluable connections during my internship. Every one of my subsequent internships and jobs is a direct result of the experiences and connections I made at COP, including my current job in counter-child exploitation”.

Congyuan Li (Tiger)

During my Junior and Senior years of undergrad at Rutgers University, I intern with the Rutgers Center on Policing (COP). There were a plethora of learning opportunities available during my time interning with COP, where I gained an understanding of best practices for improving policing and public safety to how to apply cybersecurity best techniques, tactics, and practices (TTPs) on critical infrastructures.  The variety of engagements/projects I was able to work on during my time at the COP provided lessons and skills that helped me in my past and current positions. Currently, I am a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst/Project Manager at AT&T in their Security Operations Center, where I investigate and respond to potential cybersecurity alerts and threats to AT&T. In addition, I am also a Signal Officer with the NJ Army National Guard, where I am a Platoon Leader and Unit’s Training Officer. Previous positions I held were IT Associate at KPMG LLP, one of the “Big Four” Accounting/Consulting Firm, and IT Transformation Audit Analyst for Mitsubishi Union Financial Group (MUFG), a Japanese Investment Bank and #7 largest bank in the world. My time with the Center of Policing was an opportunity that opened many doors to new horizons that led to my success today and in the future, which I am very grateful for!

Peter J. Lu 

“As a Research Intern with the COP, I learned about the importance of information being timely, accurate, and concise whether presented during meetings or written in grant proposals. Currently, I am a Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst Intern and Team Editor for the Counter Threat Strategic Communications Team at the Counterterrorism Group. Additionally, I intern with the Homeland Security Bureau at the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, where I work with Investigative Analysts supporting criminal investigations. I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Intelligence at Georgetown University.”

Christie Hui