Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will I be doing in my time as an Intern at the Center On Policing?

Tasks will include comprehensive note taking during meetings and webinars, creating and presenting PowerPoints, communicating with other interns, and more. It can change on a weekly basis depending on what is needed to help the COP at the time.

Is this a paid internship?

No, this internship is done for 3 academic credits.

What does the time commitment look like? Are the hours flexible?

While the weekly workload varies, the average comes out to 10 hours of work per week. We understand that you are full-time students and we respect your time, and are very flexible with hours throughout the week.

Is the internship in-person or virtual?

Our current interns are operating virtually because of our relocation. Spring 2022 internship will be conducted remotely.

Do I need previous internship experience to apply?

You do not need any previous internship experience. In fact, for many of our interns this is their first internship!